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CredentialPro Benefits & FAQ’s


What is Medical Credentialing?

Credentialing is the process of assessing and verifying a healthcare provider’s qualifications to ensure competency in providing services to patients in a healthcare organization.

Why is Credentialing Important?

Credentialing ensures patient safety, and that the quality of patient care meets certain standards. It also protects the hospital from liability and corporate negligence by enforcing compliance with regulatory/accrediting agencies such as The Joint Commission, NCQA, HFAP, and AAAHC.

Why Use a Medical Credentialing Service?

CredentialPro maintains high standards within the medical industry by providing assurance that all practitioners meet certain qualifications. This ensures the patients’ confidence in the quality of their care remains strong.

What Can I Expect From CredentialPro?

We will review exactly what your specific needs are and collect the necessary documentation to begin the application. Once your application is submitted, we will provide bi-weekly updates until the process is complete, so you remain in the loop on the status of your credentialing.

Can CredentialPro assist with my reappointment, even though I did not use their services for my initial appointment?

Certainly! Reappointment applications can be as cumbersome as initial applications, so we are happy to help you navigate through the process of renewing your privileges.

Do you offer any services for renewing documents that expire?

Yes, we notify all medical providers of expiring documents up to 90 days in advance of renewal.



How long does the credentialing process take?

The credentialing process is typically between 60-90 days from the date the application is submitted.

Who should complete a credentialing/privileging application?

Applications for credentialing are required by providers requesting clinical privileges and/or medical staff membership. These include (but are not limited to) physicians and advanced practice professionals (NPs, PAs, CRNAs, and CNMs).

What is primary source verification?

Primary source verifications (PSVs) are documents and credentials verified by the actual source or an approved agent of that source.

Can a provider work during the credentialing process?

Some providers may work under expedited or temporary privileges while their credentialing application is still in process. However, this depends on the hospital’s policies and whether their Bylaws permit such.

Can a provider begin credentialing without a license in the state which they are applying?

This depends on the hospital’s credentialing policy. While some may appreciate a head start on the credentialing application while the license is in process, others may prefer not to start on credentialing until the license is obtained.

What if I have gaps in my work history?

Work history gaps are common. For example, some providers have family obligations, or experience delays between positions due to relocation. Just be sure to document this on your CV.

Why can’t I use my DEA for credentialing in multiple states?

The DEA mandates that a provider must have a separate registration for each state in which they practice. However, if you are relocating and no longer plan to practice in your original state, you may change the address on your current DEA to the new state where you will be practicing.

What are the most common issues with hospital credentialing?

The most common issue that will affect your credentialing is submitting incomplete applications. This includes missing details such as dates and contact information for those who can verify your employment, training, etc., as well as inaccurate information regarding malpractice history and claims.

Can CredentialPro help me if I am still in a residency or fellowship training program?

Absolutely! It is a great idea to start the credentialing process several months prior to completion of your postgraduate training so there is a seamless transition into independent clinical practice.

How will I know what to do next after my privileges have been granted?

CredentialPro will assist in coordinating any required orientation, EMR system training, and receipt of ID badge, parking pass, etc.


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